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Maitri, by Varuna and Sandeep Verma, is inspired by Jaipur’s heritage beauty that is molded into hand block prints, meticulously handcrafted Gota Patti, zardozi, and sequence work on a whole range of cotton and handwoven fabrics that are curated to radiate grace and give comfort with a hint of style to the person wearing the garment.

True to our brand’s name: Maitri-a friendly wear, our garments are handcrafted with the utmost attention to comfort and use of pure, natural fabrics and vegetable and other eco-friendly dyes that are ethically sourced and manufactured. Helping to create a simple and elegant piece.

Maitri’s is inspired by the Rajasthani beauty that derives from its heritage intertwined with the beauty of royal elegance and the vivid colors of the artistic folk. We use block printing techniques and vegetable dyes to amplify the texture of our fabrics to last it long, our garments are embellished with the infamous gota work of Jaipur. We use hand-picked finely weaved cotton fabrics that come in wide ranges of cotton Jakarta, cotton silk, and self-woven cotton fabrics.

Jaipur, a city rich with a mixture of cultures from the Rajput royalty to the Mughal artistry, halts on a balance that ceases to exist to this day in form of posterity. Beautifully built palaces, miniature paintings, and well, beautifully handcrafted textile designs. Sakhi Jaipur, a sister company of Maitri brings to you garments that play the flute of the brilliant yet bold nature of the pink city as well as elegance in form of comfort. Our garments embody the beauty of Jaipuri textiles and eco-friendly handwoven cotton fabrics that give you a friendly comfort and add grace to your personality. Our clothes involve a wide range of hand-block and screen printed, ethnic women’s apparel that is as scarce as a hen’s teeth in this day and age of fast fashion. Sakhis clothes are manufactured with love and in a cruelty-free environment that suits the trend to appeal to our customer’s souls that will enhance their clothing experience. Sakhi’s wide range of friendly women’s wear awaits to provide you the comfortable style you’ve been looking


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